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Summer Awaits You!

Now that we are reaching the end of the semester, the sun is finally out! Indeed, we’ve endured another cold winter but more clear blue and sunny skies awaits us as summer approaches. This summer may still not be like previous ones but there are still many many things to look forward to! Here’s a list of all the activities you can put on your summer “To Do” lists:

Bring out the Frisbee!

A great excuse to leave your house, head to the park and break a sweat! Playing Frisbee is a great in-between for those who want to play an outdoor sport but not leave the park dripping sweat. There are a lot of health advantages to playing outdoor sports and games, both mental health and physical health. Playing outdoor sports have contributed to improvement in health and well-being, life satisfaction and community activism (1). Taking the time to enjoy nature and safely be physically active can still allow enjoyment during these uncertain times.

Moving your body can do a lot more than you think! Moderate physical activity at least 150 minutes a week is recommended for adults to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle (2). Getting your body moving, increasing your heart rate and maintaining or gaining lean body mass can help with maintaining bone mineral density and reduce the risk of chronic disease (3).

REMINDER: Don’t forget to wash/sanitize your hands before and after your game!

Make A Tropical Fruit Salad

Not only is the weather a great thing to enjoy in the summer, but more tropical fruits await! Although this activity may not need you to leave the (comfort) of your home, it will definitely mood your mood the same way. Enjoy with your housemates a big bowl of pineapple, passion fruit, all the berries, and mangoes!

These tropical fruits are jam packed with abundant nutrition and will leave you wanting more ever time. Each fruit contains a surge of Vitamin C and E, carotenoids, flavonoids and thiol (SH) compounds, that primarily act as antioxidant compounds (4). Assuming antioxidants have a range of health benefits, including controlling blood pressure or blood sugar levels, they are immune-supporting, have antibacterial or antifungal or anti-inflammatory properties and are cholesterol-lowering (4). Need I say more? Your ranch market is calling… and so are those bright, colorful fruits!

Backyard Barbeque

If you aren’t the biggest sweet tooth, you’ll probably be a bigger fan for barbeques in your backyard. Yes, this involves a grill investment but once you got it, it’ll be constantly at your disposal! Bring out some vegetables and meat/meat alternatives and start grilling!

This is a great way to get your vegetables in to fulfill your daily Fiber intake (check out all the Fiber benefits on Cardiometabolic Health in our previous Mythbuster!) and time to put your backyard to use.

Other Exciting Activities

· Have a water balloon fight – A great way to keep cool and stay hydrated!

· Time to pick-up gardening – Bring a little life into your backyard and pick some fresh fruits and vegetables once everything blooms.

· Install a bird feeder – Make some new flying friends during quarantine

· Go on a drive-through restaurant crawl – Meals on Wheels in a different light

· Best Homemade Ice Cream – Incorporate some friendly competition on the side of a Sundae


(1) Gilchrist, P., & Wheaton, B. (2017). The social benefits of informal and lifestyle sports: A research agenda.

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