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5 Healthy & Original Breakfast Ideas

Don't get me wrong, I love my morning routine. But I honestly think breakfasts are so much fun to switch around once in a while. So, I have come up with 5 healthy and easy breakfast ideas for you to try here and there.

1. Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffins - Ricardo

Perfect to mealprep on the weekend, these original breakfast muffins look delicious!

2. Croustade dejeuner aux bleuets - JojoDansLeFrigo for Vib Essence

This blueberry breakfast crumble will make you step outside your traditional cereal and/or toast breakfast! (Recette en français seulement).

3. Gruau vert style "overnight" - LesVégésGourmandes

Shameless plug here, I started a blog with one of my friend (who's studying Nutrition at l'Université de Montréal), and she developed this amazing spinach/ banana/ peanut butter overnight oatmeal recipe. I swear, you HAVE TO try it!!

(Version française seulement, but copy/paste it on Google Translate, it's THAT easy! )

4. Quick and Easy Microwave Omelet - Ricardo

This is for mornings when you are short on time: all you need is eggs, a few veggies and a microwave!

5. Mini Super-Fruit Breakfast Wraps - Jamie Oliver

These breakfast wraps only take 10 mins to make and are super easy to do, so you have no excuses not to try them! Also, I'm not sure about the "super-fruit" calling but I leave the explanation for another Mythbuster. Oh and by the way, if you are like me and didn't know what a satsuma was, I looked it up on Google for you; it's a type of mandarin.

I hope you'll try some of these recipes and if so, tell us (me) in the comments either on Instagram or Facebook!

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