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Do Social Animals Eat Better?

People always say « Humans are by nature social animals », but are we aware of the extend to which social settings affect us? Spending time with family and friends might only seem like a enjoyable hobby, but it’s actually an important factor that greatly shapes our eating behaviour!

Did you know that since you were a child, your eating habits are constantly modified by the people you eat with, most often by your parents. Children observe and imitate so it’s especially important to connect with them and to establish good eating habits! Grocery shopping and cooking with children can positively affect their perception and willingness to learn about food.

Similarly, eating with friends or in a social context also shapes your eating behaviour for one or many more meals. A study conducted by Higgs showed that people’s eating characteristics during a meal are influenced by the people they eat with! For example, eating with a group of friends increases the happiness and wellbeing that food brings you. Eating with friends who are positive and supportive also makes you more positive and receptive to the food, creating a better eating experience overall!

Eating is a strong, emotional event and eating with great people could enhance the feeling of joy and delight. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends to boost the satisfaction of a hearty meal.


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