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Recipe Monday #8: Making Instant Noodles Healthier

Finals season got you down? Dying slowly due to cramming or already dead inside? Definitely don’t have time to cook? Trying to clear out your fridge so you can go home for the holidays? Here are some top tips to make your instant noodles slightly healthier!

Recipe 1: ~ 10 minutes of preparation (Vegan)

Boil your noodles/add hot water according to the package, but hold off on the seasoning packets. Those contain astronomical amounts of sodium as well as MSG. Instead, try draining your noodles, and stirring in some peanut butter for a little protein, and hot sauce to make your own slightly sad version of peanut sauce. Add some soy sauce too if you’re feeling fancy.

Recipe 2: ~ 15 minutes of preparation

Boil your noodles, throw in some frozen vegetables you bought at the beginning of the semester, and crack an egg into the boiling water. Add the seasoning packet to taste (preferably not the whole thing) so you have soup and not just hot water with noodles in it. Better yet, make your own broth! Get creative with some miso, beef bouillon cubes, or chicken/vegetable stock.

Recipe 3: ~ 20 minutes of preparation (Can be vegan depending on sauce)

Find all the vegetables hiding in the back of your fridge (preferably some crunchy ones, I recommend cucumber, carrots, bell pepper-has lots of vitamin C to ward off scurvy, or cabbage) and chop them up to add to a cold noodle salad. Boil your noodles, drain, and let them cool. Then, toss in your vegetables and add whatever salad dressing you want to use up. Or, make your own simple vinaigrette made out of honey, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Sprinkle with some green onions to make it pretty.

Recipe 3: ~ 30 minutes of preparation (can be vegan)

Just finished another final and want to treat yourself? Bring out the frying pan so it’s almost like you’re really cooking! Pan fry some chicken or some tofu, and season as you wish, before adding it to some drained cooked noodles. Throw in some vegetables too for extra vitamins. Add whatever sauce you prefer, maybe something spicy, or try some of that leftover pasta sauce you have lying around**

** I have not personally tried this, therefore I can’t vouch for the taste

Happy Holidays and good luck to everybody on their finals!

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