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Whether you are a prospective student looking to study Dietetics, Nutrition or Concurrent (Food Science & Nutrition), a current U0 student looking to choose a major or  simply a student with an inquisitive mind - we have you covered! 
Experienced, upper year students currently majoring in Dietetics, Nutrition and Concurrent programs will be able to answer your questions on:
  • Life at Macdonald Campus
  • Why we chose our program
  • Adjusting from High-School/CEGEP  to University 
  • Getting involved in extracurriculars on Campus
Please note that we will not be able to answer questions pertaining to admission or transferring requirements, GPA cut-offs or course-specific information.
For specific admission information and requirements, please click HERE
For specific questions about the:
  • Nutrition program, please contact Christine Gurekian.
  • Dietetics program, please contact Sandy Phillips.
  • Concurrent program, please contact Stan Kubow 
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More questions on admission? Please email studentinfo.macdonald@mcgill.ca

    U3 Dietetics Student

    VP Public Relations 2020/2021



    My name is Marianne and I am in U3 Dietetics. I was born and raised here in Quebec, I went to CEGEP and completed U1 & U2 in dietetics. If you have any questions about the dietetics major, I would be happy to answer them! Also, if you have any questions about DHNUS and how to get involved in campus, click on the "Let's Talk" button to chat with me!"


    U3 Nutrition Student

    VP Finance 2020/2021



    My name is Sarah and I am a U3 Nutrition Graduating Student. I can answer any questions about the difference between Nutrition and Dietetics and why I chose Nutrition! Having gone to CEGEP, I can also help with questions about the application process and transition. If you have any other questions regarding McGill, the programs offered or DHNUS specifically, click on the "Let's Talk" button to reach out!


    U2 Concurrent (Food Science & Nutrition) Student

    Events Coordinator 2020/2021



    My name is Patricia Kamara and I am in U2 Concurrent Food Science. I am an international student from Kenya.


    If you have any questions on freshman U0 classes, how to contact professors, career paths or just life Mac feel free to contact me!

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