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The Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences offers diverse opportunities for students to pursue research.

An excellent way to obtain a research assistant position would be to communicate with a professor whose interests match your own. Preferably, send an email to a professor with your updated resume and cover letter, detailing you skill-set, interest for their research, and abilities to contribute to their projects. 

In the summer, undergraduate students are eligible to apply for an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award. To apply, students must maintain a competitive GPA, and find an NSERC eligible researcher by the date of submission (March 2018). Recipients are awarded a minimum stipend of $5,625 for 16-weeks of research on a full-time basis. Moreover, students are not required to apply for an NSERC USRA within their department, and are able to explore scientific fields outside of their domain.

  Nutrition Professors' Research

Linda J. Wykes

Dr. Linda J. Wykes is the current Director of the School of Human Nutrition. Her research investigates how innovative nutrition support regimens can decrease the stress of surgery in hospitalized patients, and decrease inflammation in a piglet model of inflammatory bowel disease.

Luis B. Agellon

Dr. Agellon’s research focuses on the relationship between nutrients and genes, and how this may affect health and disease. The goal of the research program is to discover how optimizing nutrition may improve health and metabolic function.

Niladri Basu

The objective of Dr. Basu's research is to investigate, develop and apply ecosystem-based approaches to address key problems in the environmental health sciences.

Timothy Johns

Dr. Johns an ethnobotanist and nutritionist whose research interests focus on the traditional uses of plants for food and medicine in relation to issues of contemporary nutrition and health, the understanding of human adaptation in diverse environments, and the evolutionary origins of diet and medicine

Stan Kubow

Dr. Kubow's research goal has been to promote human health by developing nutritional strategies to protect against the damaging effects of both external agents (drugs and environmental pollutants) and chronic disease pathologies.

Grace S. Marquis

The objective of Dr. Marquis' community-based program is to examine how social, cultural, institutional, biological, and environmental factors interact to influence a household’s ability to provide optimal feeding and caregiving for mothers, infants, and young children.

Hugo Melgar-Quiñonez

Dr. Melgar-Quiñonez's research concentrates on understanding the causes of hunger in developing countries and in vulnerable populations in industrialized countries, as well as its consequences to human health. He also works closely with development agencies and governmental programs fighting hunger, helping them to assess the impact of their programs.

Hope A. Weiler

Dr. Weiler’s clinical research focuses on how vitamin D and omega fatty acids relate to development and maintenance of health body weights and bone health.

Katherine Gray-Donald

Dr. Gray-Donald's research focuses on different components of the diets and their relation to health and how we can help to improve these diets and lower risk of disease.

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