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Mythbuster Monday #14: What are Aphrodisiacs?

An aphrodisiac can be defined as a certain food that awakens sexual desire or increases sexual pleasure or performance. Many questions surround this hot topic, as many people are wondering if it’s a myth or not. The origin of some aphrodisiac foods is actually from Greek mythology. According to the story, Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and sexuality, emerged from the sea on an oyster shell to give birth to Eros, Greek god of love. Therefore, oysters have become a symbol of sexuality. But, do they really give rise to sexual arousal, or is it just a big myth? It is thought that the aphrodisiac properties of oysters come from their high zinc content, which increases testosterone levels in me

Mythbuster Monday #13: The Crisis of Perfectionism

The Crisis of Perfectionism Amongst Female University Students It was in freshman seminar during my first year at McGill University when I first heard about perfectionism. The guest speaker asked the class if any students identified as being a perfectionist, and without missing a beat, myself, amongst quite a few other students proudly raised their hands. We immediately proceeded to survey the rest of the class while a subtle wave a self-satisfaction washed over our faces. At that point in time, I associated perfectionism with hard work, accountability and reliability. Thankfully, I have slowly started to make the distinction between the two – where you can achieve the latter without being t